Arduino tiny arcade

This is a playable tiny arcade machine made as a birthday gift based on an arduino nano with a 0.96 oled display and a rotary encoder

Building stuff and giving them as gifts is probably the best thing since its always something completely personalised and custom for the person who gets it. Most times it takes more time to decide what to make than making it and this was not an exception

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raspberry pi robot

A simple web server based robot with camera and gripper

Its been 6 years since the i made the first version of this remote controlled robot.At the begining i used a raspbery pi 1 (the first version) and the first raspicam version1.
When rasberry pi A+ was released it was perfect for this project since it introduced lower power consumption and a smaller form factor.

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Door access control with touchscreen

An experimental access control using arduino , touchscreen and RFID cards

This was a project i had in mind for a long time but never had the time to start it. It consists of two parts , the outside unit with the touchscreen and rfid sensor and the inside unit with just an 2×16 display ,and theĀ  override and exit buttons .

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