Arduino tiny arcade

This is a playable tiny arcade machine made as a birthday gift based on an arduino nano with a 0.96 oled display and a rotary encoder

Building stuff and giving them as gifts is probably the best thing since its always something completely personalised and custom for the person who gets it. Most times it takes more time to decide what to make than making it and this was not an exception

This  project was build around an already tired arduino nano reused from an older board. The best with this arduino is its form factor and usability since you can connected directly on a breadboard and test your project before building it without the need for an external programmer.

The idea came after dicking around thingiverse , where i bumped into this project

That seemed like a nice base for a small arcade so i`ve decided to make some changes on it. Basicaly i knew already that cheap rotary encoders SUCK big time and using them to select items is a very bad idea , so a tacktile switch was added as a fire button.

Also there should be some walls inside , some holes for the power switch and batteries and also a small door for the battery compartment

Another change i wanted is to add a marquee (a sign) over the display as the big arcades used to have. So all these where made possible with the help of tinkercad and after a some hours and (many) mistakes i`ve finaly managed to finish the body and it was time for the parts

The oled display was laying around for the last 3 – 4 years , when i was supposed to build the motorcycle helmet hud display (a project still yet to be built…) . Also i`ve found out that it wasnt possible for this to work with 3 AAA batteries , especialy rechargable NI-Mh so a small step up converted was added. A switch , a led for the marquee some wires and everything was ready.

The software for this thing can be found here in Github or directly to  blog makestuffordie (what an EPIC title!)

Maybe in the near future i`ll change the game or built another based on arduboy or something like that

It was fun (although i still haven`t deliver the gift….)