Door access control with touchscreen

An experimental access control using arduino , touchscreen and RFID cards

This was a project i had in mind for a long time but never had the time to start it. It consists of two parts , the outside unit with the touchscreen and rfid sensor and the inside unit with just an 2×16 display ,and the  override and exit buttons .

Of course the whole thing is still work in progress and this is its first version.
The outside unit consists of three main parts. An arduino uno , a 3.5-inch touch screen using the ili9488 and a simple  mifare RC522 rfid receiver.


There are no pins to waste on the Arduino uno .The touchscreen takes a lot of pins (im not using the sd card) , and taking in account theRC522 rfid receiver needs another 4 pins (i`ve set the reset on ground) there is no room for unnecessary features like , leds etc.

The outside unit (  its outside the apartment in the stairwell , its not really outside in the elements) is using serial connection though a wire to communicate with the inside unit , which checks the response and unlocks the door. Both the inside and the outside units have separate power units so that one cannot affect the system just by cutting and short-circuiting the wires (not like all movies we`ve seen where the guy destroys the keypad and the door unlocks!)

The inside unit its just an arduino mini pro that`s been laying around the house for years , connected to a 2×16 character lcd with its own 7805 and all the stuff the lcd needs to work. There are two leds , a red one when the door is locked and a green one when its unlocked.The two tacktile switches override the inside unit just in case you want to forbid someone from outside to unlock the door by using his card , until you deactivate the override by pressing again. The other button just unlocks the door from inside.

Normally ,for security reasons , an external button must be connected on the power of the lock that cuts the power in case of an emergency.

Besides the programming of both units the most difficult for me is making the enclosures. Cutting straight holes was never my forte , so it took me way too much time , everything was a mess for a week and the result was not exactly professional. Also the color does not match the color of the wall (yeah .. like i care).

After the installation on the wall with some glue it was time to connect the power supply , the lock mechanism and the auxiliary channels. After all was hooked up i was testing the unit for some months (before the lock was activated) to see if everything was ok. The only change i had to do is adjusting the time out , and the time that the system stayed unlocked (its still under debate though)

It was a fun project that finaly is now complete! (ok ,, there are some things to change and to add)