Mame arcade machine

An old computer running windows xp and an early version of MAME in a real arcade machine

This is a very old project we did with the help of my friend vangelis (basicly i was just standing there in the hardest parts haha) thats been working for years and years in my living room

Inside , an old (even for that time)  athlon xp pc running windows XP with 1gig of ram (although as the years passed the 256MB died of old age) was packed inside the arcade machine.

The old arcade cabinet was in kinda ok condition , a little worn out from the years of abuse , also it came with an original mame game board , joysticks coin receptor , display and all but tha game was awfull and also the display was extremely dim. At the begining i thought about keeping the display in there but searching for a new CRT tube seemed like a major pain in the ass so i`ve decided just to put an old crt computer monitor.

ofcourse doing this was easer said than done. The original crt in there was 32 inch (i think..) but the crt a had was a 17 inch so some wood working sould be done. Luckly vangelis was here and saved the day with his abilities in woodworking.

Four pieces of junk wood made the spacers needed to hang the crt in mid air. Also the base from the original monitor casing was used hold the monitor`s board. Now i` ve made some upgrades that eliminate the need for junk plastics etc that make the arcade easer to move

Anyway. The software running is ofcourse MAME running on windows xp and the whole interfacing is made through MALA front end. In there we set up the whole connectivity with the keyboard , what button does what , the interface theme , and some other stuff.

The controls as it seems where directly hoocked up on the keyboard (yep.. .not even a dime was given for extra hardware , i was THAT cheap) so we` ve hacked an old keyboard and used it as an arcade controller

So after all that was done we trasfered the roms (a shitload of them i can say) added some ancient computer speakers and some extra buttons for reset , tab , esc and hooked up the coin receptor to add some anxiety while playing (although we installed extrernal buttons for massive coin entries) and that was all!

Ive been using this machine for , maybe 9  years and besides some burned rams and some mobo batteries never had an issue. The only problem that i had since the begining is the noise that the computer makes. Its annoying and you cannot leave it working for long. I`ve been planning on making an upgrade in the whole thing , maybe putting an larger crt tv and upgrading to a raspbeery pi to escape from the noise…We`ll see . Its beed fun!