emulation gaming console

A simple implementation of the retropie emulation station on tv using an xbox360 controller

This was one of the quickest projects ever , all the parts where laying around the house except the box witch i had to print.

The retropie image was already set up by my friend vaggelis who actualy did the most part of the work. It was set to work with the xbox 360 and he had set a lot of emulators so the only thing i had to do is burn the image add MAME , kodi , quake  , zelda and some other goodies and its good to go

The design of the box was made in tinkercad and it turned out kinda ok..ish . Since its the first time making a design like that with inserts and stuff i was very optimistic on the design tolerances so some parts could not be inserted. Also the print was a little warped so ,,yeah its good enough for now.

Inside i`ve included a small board with a dc to dc converter so that i can power the thing with an old extenal HD drive power pack giving 12v / 2A , that seems to be good enough for powering the pi3 with wifi activated , a keyboard/mouse dongle , an xbox360 controller receiver and a usb thumb drive. There is also circuitry for controlling a fan if its needed but in that case the psu should be upgraded with a bigger one


I wanted to have all the cables on the back of the device but the way raspberry pi is layed out the hdmi was a bit of a problem so i used an old hdmi angle converter , took out its case and used it as a very small extention cord , and with a generous quantity of hot glue , it sits there perfectly!

In the future i will use this to upgrade the arcade machine (more info about this in the future) and also maybe making a portable version of this !