home light control with raspberry pi

Using a web server running on an old raspberry pi 1b to control some lights in the house

This is another old project based on the good old raspberry pi 1b , still working daily without any fails (except some burned phone chargers) for the last 6 years

This was a side project to the raspberry pi robot , infact they share a lot in common.

A simple apatche server serves a webpage based on php jquery , some ajax “bridging” to some python scripts that are executet as shell exec commands to drive the GPIO pins.

Inside theĀ  box , space is kinda limitedĀ  so the voltage regulator / fan controller , the 8 relay board the wiring and the pi are cramped together so a laptop flat fan was needed for cooling.

The fan is running continuously all these years and a small dust filter keeps the inside relatively clean. The temprature is max to 50C in the summer (summers in beloved athens are a shitty polluted – humid and hot fucking hell!).
The airflow is sucking air through the bottom through the regulators and straight on a cooler attached on the pi`s cpu (its a power transistor cooler set on its side so that the flat side is touching the cpu with some thermal paste)

The last 2 years i just glued an old tablet showing the webpage so that i can control the whole thinky without searching for my mobile.

There are some things to be done. I`d like to use a better external psu with battery backup , and set some automation / scheduler platform . Also i will try to implement a presence sense to set some actions when i arrive home etc… actualy there s no end to it

More info soon…